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Selenium 101 introduces you to the Selenium automation API for testing web applications on desktop browsers. Learn the basics of writing Selenium scripts in Java, including locating elements, interacting with them, and using assertions Run your first test locally, and then on Sauce, and learn how to set up your tests to report results to Sauce Labs Use a testing framework to facilitate your test script development Leverage best practices for test design, and tips for getting the most out of your Sauce Labs testing experience


Learning Objectives: This course enables you to:

  • Describe how Sauce Labs fits into the CI/CD Life Cycle
  • Describe what Selenium is and how it is used with Sauce Labs
  • Use the Sauce Labs UI
  • Describe how Selenium works
  • Describe the basic components of a Selenium test script
  • Run a Selenium test script locally
  • Use different page actions in a Selenium test script
  • Run a Selenium test script on Sauce Labs
  • Understand the use of testing frameworks
  • Describe the use of asserts
  • Use a framework to record test results in Sauce Labs
  • Describe testing strategies for setting up automated testing
  • Label, name, and tag your tests to facilitate searching for past tests on Sauce Labs


3 hours

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