Appium 201

Appium 201

Appium 201


Appium 201, a direct continuation of Appium 101, takes you one step further toward mastering mobile application test automation. The course covers testing for Native, Web, and Hybrid mobile applications, and how to use Sauce Labs to run parallel tests for multiple browsers and devices.


This course enables you to:

  • Design your tests with optimal locator strategy beyond the basics, for example differences between native locators and accessibility id, and leveraging the underlying UiAutomator and UIAutomation languages
  • Understand how Appium abstracts UIAutomation and UiAutomator to make cross-platform testing manageable and easier to conduct, including JSON Wire protocol)
  • Create sophisticated mobile interactions that are scalable and simulate real mobile gestures
  • Abstract re-usable code into page objects so your tests are more atomic, manageable, and scalable
  • Conduct fully-cross platform, parallel tests leveraging Test Frameworks and the Sauce Labs Infrastructure

Our instructor-led classes are focused on getting you up to speed quickly. Our classes are small and interactive, with a combination of lecture, demos, and labs. This course currently focuses on developing Appium tests in Java, but versions of the course in other languages are coming soon.


Topics include:

  • The JSON wire protocol and its its implementation in Selenium and App
  • How to scale testing across multiple browsers and devices through a Selenium grid, parallel testing, and Sauce Labs
  • Using advanced locators
  • Testing with real device vs emulator/simulator
  • Using Page Objects to create reusable testing code
  • Writing and running parallel tests using Sauce
  • Status reporting when running tests in parallel
  • Integrating tests with a test framework for parallel testing and reporting
  • CI server integration, including Jenkins overview and an example job setup Example job setup


3.5 hours


Important: Create Sauce Labs account here, if you don’t already have one.

  • Appium 101 or equivalent experience
  • Basic knowledge of Java syntax
  • Basic understanding of using the Eclipse IDE

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