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Module 1 – Intro to saucectl with Cypress

Module 1 of the Cypress on Sauce course will introduce you how to set up a Cypress test with saucectl on the Sauce Labs Cloud virtual machines, and use saucectl to run your automated tests creating artifacts to share and analyze. In this module, you can learn to create a basic Cypress test suite, or use your own Cypress test code to run tests with saucectl.

33 min Updated Mar 5, 2022
Module 2 – Continuous Integration with Cypress and Sauce

In this module, you will learn how and why you use saucectl to run tests through a secure tunnel, and practice running tests against a local app, in the Sauce Labs Cloud. You will also set up an example project in Github Actions with a demo app and Sauce Connect, and include the saucectl test in your workflow.

28 min Updated Mar 5, 2022
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