Selenium Python Course
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Module 1 – Setting Up Your Selenium Python Environment

Set up your Python Selenium Test environment with Pytest, Venv, Pip3 and Pycharm, IDE, and learn about the components of a Selenium test.

46 min Updated Mar 5, 2022
Module 2 — Run Your First Selenium Python Test

Understand the basic features of an atomic test, and write your first basic test with @pytest.fixture. Write a test using locators and assertions.

77 min Updated Mar 5, 2022
Module 3 — Write a Selenium Python Test Suite Using Page Object Model

Learn about using a Page Object Model (POM) structure for your test code, create page and test objects, and add error handling and explicit waits to your test code.

70 min Updated Mar 5, 2022
Module 4 – Run Selenium Python Tests on Sauce Labs

Add code to run your test on Sauce Labs, and learn about the different types of tests. Create a base test with the Pytest fixture to set up and tear down all your tests, and run tests in different browsers.

50 min Updated Mar 5, 2022
Module 5 – Sauce Connect, Parallel Tests, and CI with Selenium Python

Learn to plan your testing strategy. Use Sauce Connect to run tests through a secure proxy tunnel, and set up your tests to run in the Jenkins CI tool, grouping tests to run at different times.

83 min Updated Mar 5, 2022
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